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CMPSCI 630 (691F)
Programming Languages
Spring 2009

Formatting Suggestions for Homework Assignment 1

Below are some formatting suggestions that may help you in preparing your answers to Homework Assignment 1 and future homeworks as well.

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  1. Per John Altidor:
    The two popular Latex packages I found for typesetting inference rules are mathpartir and proof. Below are links to the sources & documentation



  2. Here's an example of a standard header for LaTeX homework files, taken from a sample solution file:

    \author{Sample Solution}
    \title{CS630 HW\#1}

    { %% start of the macro
    \begin{tabular}{c} %% just one column
    {#1} \\ %% first line
    \hline %%line to appear
    {#2} %% second line
    } %% end

    Note that {\INFER {a} {b} } will produce a judgment "a over b"
    This command can be embedded within in itself:

    {\INFER {{\INFER {a} {b}}} {c} } will produce a judgment "a over b over c"

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