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Remote Access

If you are connected to the internet, it is possible to log onto the EDLAB machines from outside the EDLAB using ssh.

The EDLAB linux hosts (elnux0, elnux1.. elnux7) are accessible via ssh. In order to access these machines remotely, you will need to use an SSH (``Secure SHell'') client. There are free implementations of SSH clients available for download from various places:

OpenSSH (*nix, *BSD):
PuTTY (Windows):
NiftyTelnetSSH (Mac):

As of September 6, 2000, RSA Data Securities has announced that they will no longer be enforcing their patent on the RSA algorithm, so PuTTY and NiftyTelnetSSH (both of which were created using unlicensed implementations of the RSA algorithm) should now be legal for use in the United States.

SSH is available on all CS *nix machines as /usr/bin/ssh. It is secure and contains support for compression and secure X window tunnelling. For more information, browse through

% ssh

Paul A. Sihvonen-Binder