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Mail - pine

Pine is the preferred mail reader available in the Edlab (other possibilities include: elm, rmail mode in emacs, Netscape mail, or the standard UNIX mail program).
Pine is an easy-to-use electronic mail (email) program that was created at the University of Washington. More information on pine can be found at To start pine, type pine at the unix prompt. After starting Pine, the Main Menu screen appears. Each Pine screen has a similar layout: the top line tells you the screen name and additional useful information, below that is the work area, then the message/prompt line, and finally the menu of commands.

From the Main Menu you can choose to read online help, write (compose) and send a message, look at an index of your mail messages, open or maintain your mail folders, update your address book, configure Pine, and quit Pine. When you want to leave Pine, press Q (Quit).

Paul A. Sihvonen-Binder