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UNIX Accounts and Passwords


Each student will be assigned an account on all Edlab machines. The username is usually the same as the user's SPIRE account name.

Initially, a new users' password is "EL" + last 3 digits of student ID + first 3 letters of username . It is strongly advised to change your password frequently. Use the yppasswd command from a Linux login, type:

% yppasswd

The following is an example of what you might see:

   Changing password for username
   Old password: XXXXXXXXXX
   New password: YYYYYYYYYY
   Re-enter new password: YYYYYYYYYY

For protection purposes, your password will not be displayed as you type it. yppasswd is used to change your yellowpage password, so changing it from any of the Edlab machines will affect it on all the rest (it may take a short time to propagate to all EDLAB machines).

If you try changing your password a few times and errors occur see your system administrator (in room CS120, Computer Science Building). Please bring your UMASS picture ID with you (or some form of picture ID).

Paul A. Sihvonen-Binder